Victory Golf Range is Rockford’s new choice to host that special event. Whether you are planning a birthday celebration or a corporate outing, Victory Golf Range offers a relaxed atmosphere in a golf-oriented environment that offers food, drinks, and fun golf competition under one roof.

To book an event at the Victory Golf Range please contact us at 815-633-7075 or


Golfercise – Starts October 25th

A unique golf class that features instruction for the parts of your body and instruction for the parts of the golf game.  A typical class will start with 20-25 minutes of stretches or workouts and then go hit some golf shots and workout the part of the body you just improved.  For example; stretch and separate the upper and lower parts of your body, then go and hit golf balls for 20-25 minutes, working on that separation in your backswing.

Orange Whip Class

A golf class featuring the Orange Whip.  This class is designed to increase your swing speed, thus increasing the distance you hit the golf ball.  Your swing speed will be measured on the simulator on your first week of the class.  If you follow the plan outlined in the class, you will increase your swing speed by 3-10 yards by next Spring.  Usually 1 MPH in swing speed equals 3 yards.  So, if your swing speed increases 5 mph, your driver should go 15 yards farther.  If you have an Orange Whip, bring it to class.  If you do not have one, you can purchase one from us, at cost + Shipping.  We will start out working out with the Orange Whip fir the first 20-25 minutes and then go hit golf balls, focusing on increasing swing speed.

Victory Junior League

This unique competition will feature the team and individual participation aspect.  You may pick your own teams, or we will pair you with other junior golfers.  Each week we will pit one team vs another in 3 different competitions.  One competition will feature short game, another target game and the third will feature accuracy.  Strength or distance will not come into play, so your team can be made up of various ages and boys and girls.  An example of a putting game; Team 1/player 1 will have 3 chances at a 3 foot putt.  They get 1 point for each ball made.  Team 2/player 1 will also putt from the same distance.  Each player on the team will have 3 chances at 3 feet, so a team could get 9 points from 3 feet.  Then both teams will move to 4 feet and so on.  Each area will last about 20-25 minutes.  When the time is up and it is time to move, the team will the most points at that area will get 1 point.  There will be 3 areas each week, so the most points a team can get in one week is 3 points.  There will be different challenges in each area each week.  There will be three players on a team.  Limited to the first 6 teams that signup.  The original competition will last for 2 weeks.  We will have a longer competition next year.  We hope to have a 5 week league with 6 teams in March, 2016.  You can name your team any name you pick.  If you have all the players from one school, you might want to use your school name.

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